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Flycam is the world’s premier manufacturing company producing hand-held camera stabilization systems. Flycam’s array of products includes state of the art carbon-fiber and aluminum made portable stabilization systems for any still or video cameras. Unlike professional grade equipments which operate on a list of trolleys, pulleys and rigs, the hand-held portable systems are ideally suitable for amateur and even semi-professional users looking for a hassle free solution for their video shooting requirements.

Flycam’s innovative design, unique balancing system which uses load units; and the option to use a quick release plate makes them ideal for a lot of DSLRs and lightweight camcorder users. No more need for complicated and expensive rigs and stabilization systems that are difficult to setup and manage for smaller projects involving only a single individual. Flycam’s range of aluminum and carbon-fiber made portable camera stabilization systems make it possible for amateur DSLR and camcorder users to shoot professional quality shake-free videos for even the most difficult of shooting assignments.

Imagine A world without shake

Imagine watching a video footage where a camera system is following a subject. There are neither shakes nor tilting and the world seems to be in perfect balance while the camera appears to be floating on a cushion of air. Welcome to the world of Flycam hand-held camera stabilization systems. Shoot videos like the pros do with a setup that weighs just about a few pounds. No longer do you need a dolly or a tripod or any other complicated and expensive systems to achieve the kind of stable shooting results which professionals regularly do. Hand-held camera stabilization systems are easy to use and they can be setup in just about 15 minutes or less by experienced hands.

Some features of the Flycam hand-held stabilization systems

Flycam hand-held stabilization systems come in several designs and payload capacities. It is possible to get something very small such as the Flycam Nano. It is designed for the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. Again there are models such as the Flycam 5000, designed for professional DSLRs and light camcorders capable of supporting a system that weighs up to 8 pounds. Lightweight materials such as carbon-fiber and aluminum are used to build these hand-held stabilization systems. All of these have telescopic posts with most having gimbal assembly and come with an universal head plate that supports a quick release. Welcome to a world that is only limited by your imagination!